Today’s news: that white thing over there

It’s everywhere.  On the car, on the deck, and even on the rug inside the house.  Snow. This morning there was the first snow fall of the season. It’s incredibly white, and the cat is incredibly pissed off.  He refuses to go outside. Or to be more accurate, he cries at the door asking to be let out, but then one minute later he bangs on the screen door asking to be let back back in again.  Then he curls up on the bed and resumes his nap.

Cold. This is what winter is about, I understand that. I get that winter = a drop in temperatures.  And two days ago I boxed up the summer clothes and unboxed the sweaters.   It’s not that complicated.  Except that sweaters take up a lot more space in the dresser than shorts and tank tops, so it can be a bit tricky.  But sweaters also squish up.  Also, some of the sweaters are kind of old and I don’t actually like them any more; which gives me permission to treat them kind of badly.  I can handle it.  The transition. But still, the wind this afternoon comes as a shock.  Does there have to be WIND? ALso???  Isn’t it enough to have the first SNOW??  The windchill is -15 degrees, and it never occurred to me that I’d need to take out the down coat already.

The weather doesn’t work like a committee, which is to say, it does what it wants, when it wants, and there is no discussion. There is no consensus.  And I suppose that’s okay–I think consensus is overated. (But that could be because I don’t live in Russia where consensus is forbidden, or at least highly unlikely.)


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