Sunday afternoon is for doing (caucus) homework

We are off to see Bernie.  (Kinda like being on a first-name basis with these candidates.)  He’s speaking at the gymnasium at Luther College here, about 5 miles away.  The doors open at 11:30am so, of course, my husband wants to get there at 11:25am.  (He’s a go-getter, as those of you who know him will attest).

A test?  A test?  There will be no test!   But we go to caucus one week from tomorrow, so it’s cram time here in Iowa.

Tuesday, Hilary Clinton is giving a talk at the Hotel Winneshiek, which is where Tim and I had date night this past Friday.  It’s also where Barack Obama stayed overnight when he came to give a talk in town a couple of years ago.  So, we’ll go to that too.

Being an Iowan is awesome.  It’s like being a student again, but being one of the “popular” students.  We got full-colored fold-out brochures pretty much every day this past week from both the Hilary and Bernie campaigns.  Amazing to see how much money the candidates invest in each vote from an Iowan who is on the roster as “likely to caucus.”  The pollsters have phoned us to verify this.

You know, I never went to prom, but it kind feels like suddenly I’m one of the popular kids, and everyone is courting me.  And you know, it feels marvelous.

Gotta run!!



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