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New job title: Sports writer (?)

The nice folks at the Los Angeles Review of Books asked me if I could write a little essay about mini golf.  “I can give you twelve,” I said, because I was feeling glib, and also, feeling the effects of a particularly mysterious beverage at the rooftop party in downtown Los Angeles that evening in April.

In any case, it was fun to write about Tom Thumb again.  You can read it here!

Rules of the Mini Game

And I apologize for not blogging during this month, but it’s been strangely busy for a summer month. When we looked at the calendar we realized that there have been only 15 days in the whole month of June when we have been home and not having house-guests.  I mean, it’s been great fun (super fun to have Tim’s daughters here!).  But blogging just, you know, doesn’t compete with sitting outside with loved ones on a warm summer evening, laughing at stories we tell each other, and eating some lovely berry dessert…. 🙂

I also taught a weekend class at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival on “Creativity: The Magic and Mystery of it All.”  It was really fun!  And I hope it inspired the students, because to be honest, it inspired me.  I’ve been writing better and more easily since I taught the class.  Huzzah, as they say.






Hello, from Iowa City

It’s October here, I’m pretty sure, which is so weird.  The high temperature is just about the same as inside of the mini-fridge in this motel room.  Staying at a luxurious motel on the Coralville Strip (and if you knew the Coralville Strip then you might already be chuckling at the word “luxurious”) But actually, it’s great.  I really like Iowa City, and I’m on tour.  I’ve been on a lot of tours in the past, but this one is different from all the others.  First, because it’s  for my memoir, as opposed to being on tour for poetry.  And this one my HUSBAND is with me.  Which is awesome.

We’re heading to Prairie Lights tonight, which I am so excited about, because it’s one of the best bookstores in the western hemisphere. I dropped off some mini golf signs and golfballs last night, and they set up this super cool display inside the front door. I would show you a picture but that would involve my carrying a camera, or one of those smartish phones you peoples carry these days…  (I’m hoping to get a pic tonight.)

Anyway, … have to keep it brief. But I just updated some new things on my website. If you’d like to check out some recent schtuff, or listen to me laugh my way through a couple of recorded interviews… then…

Updated tour dates are here.

Tomorrow at 10am Central you can catch me live (or nearly so, because it will be morning) on “Talk of Iowa” on Iowa Public Radio. Wednesday night, Beaverdale Books in Des Moines

Thursday, New Bo Books, Cedar Rapids