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And now I send you to another blog

This is a blog called Snippets and Wisps, and it is written by a big shot at IBM, or so we believe (but he might be CIA, it’s difficult to say).  Steve was a good friend during my sophomore year in high school.  He went on to big things, and much to my surprise, this week he has written about my book.  (You will learn too much about me):

In other news, on Wednesday I am heading down to Cedar Rapids for one last gig:  Barnes & Noble!  It seemed an excellent idea, doing one last Iowa event.  But the thing is, everything is not normal here in the midwest! Let me just tell you this, me pretties: for today the average high temp should be 45 degrees. However, this afternoon the thermometer stretched up to 12. That’s Fahrenheit, baby.  This morning it was 5.  That’s degrees.  No extra comment necessary.  But have I mentioned the snow?  On Sunday we couldn’t get up the driveway, but had to leave our car on the gravel road at the bottom of the hill and walk back to our cabin… (actually I was giggling at the time, because it seemed kind of silly/fun…)  This month feels like January, but they’re calling it Snow-vember.  (Okay, maybe it’s just me who is calling it that, but perhaps it will catch on.)

But then again, on the other hand, maybe a cold wintery night is a perfect time for a book event.  Maybe spending an evening talking about summer, sunburns, and crazy tourists would be like a hot cup of cocoa, you know, taste pretty darn good about now…

More info on my website and facebooky thingie.  I always forget to mention that…