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Baaah, (without the humbug)

I have two book events this week in westernish Illinois. While here, I am staying with my aunt and uncle near DeKalb. They have 70 sheep and 7 – 9 dogs for herding them. When you have sheep, you don’t necessary need to have dogs, but it helps. Sheep need to be herded. So do children, but it’s not common to keep a dog for this.  I’m enjoying these last book events… and okay, I’m thinking about sheep.  Now that the holidays are coming up, I am just wondering what that would be like if we did have herding-style dogs, you know, when it comes time to gather nephews. When the Thanksgiving dinner is over, and it’s time to play a cardgame, or that most terrifying of holiday events:  taking the family picture. One way to learn about the futility of your life as a human being, is to call out, “Hey, everyone! Get off your phones, we want to take a picture.” But now I’m wondering if we could keep one of these black and white dogs around, get it to run in a circle, nipping at everyone’s behind. It might work.

Actually, when it’s time to take the family picture, what we usually do is just tell my older sister, “Can you get people together?” Then she runs in a circle and nips at everyone’s behind. Not really, but she is amazingly good at herding. “Hey!” she yells. And everyone snaps to attention. She can get people together so you can get that picture taken in a freakishly short time. Also, people don’t hate her afterwards, which is another important element of herding. I mean, it would be easy if you could do it and then leave, forever. But that’s not how it works with family.

It was easier in the old days when, instead of electronics, kids were mostly drawn to candy. Then you could attract their attention by bringing out a cake. A cake trumps candy.  Or better yet: the frosting, about to be spread on the cake.

In any case, sorry I haven’t written a blog entry in a while. I do intend to do this once a week. And I do intend to post a new quote each week, hopefully on Fridays. I think that of all the internet social media whatnot that I am doing, this blog is the most fun. But, ya know…. While we went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago to New Orleans, I took an internet vacation.  I stayed away from email and blogging and everything. And it got me away from my own electronic habits, and ya know, it was just fine. (Big smile.) Getting away, and getting away from habits, and staying non-digital is very … ah… relaxing. Like watching sheep. sheep - Copy

So thanks for your patience.  I do enjoy these little missives.  And tonight:  I get to give the talk on The History of Miniature Golf.  I enjoy giving that too.  I admit that I get kind of excited about it.  I’m that kind of person about this topic.  And I have pictures.  Power point, baby!  Wish you were here!